Kathrine Andersen

Our story begins in 1898, when the young confectioner Kathrine Andersen enjoyed success with her handmade chocolates which she sold from her confectioner’s shop in Aarhus. Since then, the company has borne the name Kathrine Andersen and cherished the delicious taste and classic craftsmanship that have always been behind all the chocolates we make.

Today, we have a large and modern factory producing chocolates and bars as well as bakery products. Everything happens here, from production to the packaging of both our own and private label products for our customers. The products are developed by us in close cooperation with our customers based on their wishes and our know-how, ideas and competences. 

We make all kinds of chocolates with different fillings and decoration. Our bakery specialises in cookies, while our bar production covers soft bars, protein bars and meal bars in several layers and sizes, and with different chocolate coatings and fillings.

Taste is always paramount, and all our products are made with great love and passion, and produced at our factory in Denmark, where only the best is good enough.



Our factory is a newly built, modern plant equipped with the newest machinery, ensuring the most efficient and gentle production.

Our employees have worked with us for many years, with each of them specialising in a particular area. Their skills combined with our modern factory and equipment enable us to develop unique and innovative products on a highly flexible, adaptable and agile production line.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly deliver small runs, where our primary task is to supply quality products that meet your and your customers’ expectations.
We are always happy to help, so if you have a particular task in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.



We hope you will use us in connection with your next development project. Either with your own recipe, or where we work together to develop your unique product.

Softbars & bars

Single layer



With topping

Meal bar

Energy & protein


Special bars – please enquire

Christmas and Easter

Different shapes and sizes

With filling

With topping

Danish traditional

Nordic traditional

Special cookies – please enquire
Chocolates and bars/slabs

Different shapes and sizes

With filling

With topping

Bars – shapes and sizes

Bars – with filling

Slabs – shapes and sizes

Slabs – with topping

Special chocolates – please enquire



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